Vector which aims to satisfy its customers with new ideas, qualified and high valued products in future, for that purpose, requires suppliers who will work to constantly improve its products as a manufacturer and supplier. In order to make new technologies, creative and innovative ideas real and work with efficient and reliable suppliers which will set ground for common success with a cost awareness being at the forefront, this success depends on %100 material procuration and material supply suitable for order. While improving suppliers, creativity and experience of suppliers are mostly used besides our own knowledge. With this design, common strategies together with suppliers are developed in order to improve elements from logistics network to delivering environment necessities, common innovations and technology route guides. We provide following services and knowledge to our suppliers in order to work in excellent cooperation in future; - Supplier Survey - Supplier Evaluation - Logistics Parameters - Internet technology according to needs - Possibility to see and change the data about your company - Communication with Purchasing & Logistics - Limited Inquiries - Open Inquiries - Standards and main topics