All your orders received by Vector which minimizes your waiting period, will be provided to you as soon as possible with its immediate processing and state-of-art TIGER2 storage logistics.
While planning your stocks, it provides you a system which can save money and prevent non-essential capital utilization thanks to its extensive logistics reliability. Over 2 millions of pieces are kept readily available for transport to all around the world in high-shelf system warehouses with modern data processing management.
It leaves the impression of a company which may guarantee optimum storage stock, shortest delivery times and adequate safe stocks to customers and thus may provide parts supply in high quantity, optimum delivery time and consignments of even largest stock orders in a short time period for its customers. Logistics has an important role in the middle of added value chain even in the times when competition comes into heat and optimizes the customer logistics process.
Storage Area: 7.000 m2
Track Areas: 2.000
Motion/day: 1.000
Closed area: 5.000 m2
Creates only customer-oriented solutions which will meet the demands of customers.
Reducing stock-keeping expenses
Part Supplies in high quantity
Immediate order processing
On-time delivery
Optimization of added value chain
In order to meet the customer needs, Vector Logistics Department is responsible for planning, implementation and control processes performed for providing efficient and productive flow of all kinds of raw material, bulk product, final product and related data from cover to cover.
During this process, main principle of Logistics department is to provide proper part in a timely manner, in accurate quantities, to right place and with minimum logistics costs.
Logistics Department consists of 3 main sections;
Logistics planning
Materials management
Local logistics
Systems we use for organizing main principles of our company’s logistics department consists of 3 phases.
Logo Tiger2 (Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP)
WMS (Warehouse Management System)
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Method) – Radio Frequency System which can control motion of warehouses.