Our company founded in 1980, has been established in largest and modern city of our country in which the hearts of Turkish and the world economies, Istanbul that has non-stop transportation to all around the world and is famous with historical texture and its seven hills. It has been offering products of leading sub-industry manufacturers of Turkey and the world like MAN - MERCEDES - IKARUS - SCANIA - VOLVO - DAF - SETRA - NEOPLAN - IVECO - RENAULT – KHD etc. to market with its over 30 years of experience and under the name of “VECTOR” that is certified with UNI-CERT quality assurance certificate.

By means of various investments made by MB GROUP companies since 2005, Fabio Suspension Systems has been established in Bursa and been continuing to close the sales of over 1.000 products like Roll Blower, Piston-less Blower, Complete Piston Blower, Cabinet and Multi-Blower, Seat Bellows and Pistons under the certified and registered brand “FABIO” by becoming both a supplier and manufacturer and making a breakthrough with its 120 qualified personnel and 4.500 m² closed production area.

Vector Automotive which considers customer satisfaction as the most important success criteria, has been carrying on business in its central office with 4.000 m2 closed area by adopting unconditional customer satisfaction motto as a principle with its marketing strategy based on price-quality axis. Besides being one of the most powerful brands of Turkey and world market, it is obvious that the reason of our constant export increase is our customer-focused marketing understanding. Nowadays, MB GROUP exports to 70 countries in 5 continents and its products are widely accepted in these countries; these are the indicators of international extent of quality of MB GROUP companies.

Vector Automotive which considers qualified product, optimum price, wide product range, fastest service and customer satisfaction as its most important advantage, has been meeting all kinds of special needs of its customers on the basis of type and quantity. Sales representatives provide all kinds of technical and informative support to customers by making periodic field visits. It guarantees to complete dimensional and functional tests of its products in accordance with international standards and places special emphasis on this subject.