Dear MB Group staff, shareholders and customers;


As you would know, companies don’t evaluate their balance sheets not only as numeral data when they get to certain ages. Balance sheets are short history of development process. When I look back, I see and feel proud that, throughout 31 years of company history, we have put our signature under important successes both in our own land and different countries.

Our history begins with Cihan Otomotiv which I found in 1985 in Istanbul Şehremini for being one of the young businessmen of young Republic, has been continuing with bold investments.

As MB Group family, we believe that our knowledge and power will carry us to future and values that we would like to have and each project of us will be a reflection of our innovative understanding.

Considering the global crisis which we have started to feel in 2008 and experienced intimately in 2009, It appears that companies within the body of MG Group overcome this period without any downsizing and they even show a consistent growth chart in certain areas.

Our forecasting skills, sensibility of our management teams, self denial of our employees and improvement goals in accurate areas enable our companies to overcome this process without any downsizing contrarily with investments including new sectors.


We are together experiencing the pride of making employment provider projects real as a group bringing together the companies which gained popularity with their brands and products all around the world.


Kind regards,



Chairman of The Board